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Catering Menu

Grilled Panini Trays

A wonderful way to enjoy our tasty grilled european flat bread sandwiches. All panini are grilled and cut into quarters and served in chafing pans. Choose from the following:

½ tray feeds approx. 6-8 ----- $50.00   /   full tray feeds approx. 12-15 ----- $90.00



Grilled Bistro Chicken

    Grilled marinated chicken breast, melted brie cheese, sautéed onions, and creamy pesto mayo dressing on grilled


Bourban Street

    Blackened chicken breast, Monterey jack cheese, bacon, thin-sliced red onion & bayou mayo on grilled flatbread

Smoked Turkey Cuban

    Smoked turkey breast with baby swiss, tomatoes, sliced pickles, and “Champagne” mustard on grilled flatbread


    Mesquite smoked turkey, crisp maple bacon, cheddar, & BBQ mayo on grilled flatbread


    Honey maple turkey breast, creamy brie cheese, homemade toasted almond honey mustard on grilled flatbread.

Salad Selections

Tossed Salad ----- $24.95 reg / $39.95 lg

Classic Caesar Salad ----- $24.95 reg / $39.95 lg

Chopped Blue Cheese ----- $29.95 reg / $49.95 lg

Chopped Italian Salad ----- $29.95 reg / $49.95 lg

Oriental Chicken Salad ----- $34.95 reg / $59.95 lg

Cindy's Goat Cheese Salad ----- $34.95 reg / $59.95 lg

Add "Grilled Chicken" to your salad ----- $10.00 reg / $20.00 lg

Store Hours

Monday to Friday: 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday: catering by appointment only

DC3 Gourmet
676 Stewart Ave.
Garden City, NY 11530
Tel: 516-745-0555
Fax: 516-745-0570